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Active Projects

The Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) includes 87 projects that will benefit every resident and business receiving water from the Hetch Hetchy Regional Water System. Because the system crosses three of the nation's most active earthquake faults, the WSIP is first and foremost a program that will enhance our system's seismic reliability to ensure a safe and reliable water system for 2.6 million customers in Alameda, Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco counties.

The following WSIP projects are currently in pre-construction or construction:


Alameda Creek Recapture Project

Recapture water released and bypassed at Calaveras Dam and Alameda Creek Diversion Dam and return it to the SFPUC water system.

Bioregional Habitat Restoration

Provide a coordinated and consolidated approach to compensate for habitat impacts that result from implementation of the WSIP projects.

Calaveras Dam
Calaveras Dam Replacement

Replace the existing, seismically unsafe dam by constructing a new dam located downstream and restore the reservoir water storage to its original capacity.

Fish Passage Facilities within the Alameda Creek Watershed

Upgrade the existing Alameda Creek Diversion Dam with a new fish passage and stream diversion facilities.

New Irvington Tunnel
New Irvington

Construct a new Irvington Tunnel parallel to the existing tunnel with connections for the Alameda Siphons and Bay Division Pipeline.

Pipelines Seismic Upgrade

Construct seismic upgrades to three Hetch Hetchy regional water delivery pipelines located in San Mateo County.

Groundwater Storage & Recovery

Balance the use of both groundwater and surface water to increase water supply reliability during dry years or in emergencies.

lowering pipe into the trench
Seismic Upgrade
of BDPL Nos 3&4

Address seismic system vulnerabilities in the vicinity of the Hayward Fault

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