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You're My Top Priority

Graphic of Your #2 Is My #1

As your sewer system, I take my job seriously. That is why public health is my first priority.

I make it my mission to collect sewageaka crap from toilets and sinks, from the homes and businesses within the 49 square miles of San Francisco. Along with stormwater captured through the 23,000 catch basins around the City, I treat this combined flow of wastewateras we like to call it, at one of my treatment plants before I release it out into the Bay and Ocean. I do all this so you can continue to enjoy the beautiful beaches, marinas and piers around San Francisco, while our ecosystems continue to flourish.

You are probably wondering how I’m able to do this. Well, come out to one of our monthly treatment plant tours to find out.

- San Francisco Sewer System

Last updated: 4/16/2019 9:27:07 AM