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Grey Infrastructure Projects

Grey Infrastructure Projects

Through Phase 1 of the SSIP, our planned improvements will upgrade our critical aging and seismically vulnerable grey infrastructure like pump stations, sewer pipes, transport storage boxes and treatment facilities into a state of good repair.

Wastewater Treatment Facilities Projects (Southeast Treatment Plant, Oceanside Treatment Plant and North Point Wet Weather Facility).

Image of Biosolids Digesters

Biosolids Digesters Facility

The proposed upgrades would replace and relocate the outdated existing solids treatment facilities with more reliable, efficient, and modern technologies and facilities.

Headworks thumb

Headworks Facility

The project would replace the function of two existing headworks facilities, modify the Bruce Flynn Pump Station, and construct a new odor control structure.

npf outfall

North Point Outfall

The project will remove sediment buildup inside and outside the North Point Outfall structure, and reline/install corrosion protection systems on pipes and structural supports.

bioswales at Channel Pump Station

Other Projects


Existing Digesters Gas Handling

Mariposa Pump Station

Force Main Rehabilitation at Embarcadero and Jackson Improvements

Collection System Projects

Our collection system includes the sewers, large transport/storage box structures, force mains (pressurized sewer pipes) and pump stations which work together to collect and transport wastewater to our treatment plants.

cbsip thumb

Central Bayside System Improvement Project

The first phase of SSIP will look into improving the capacity, conveyance and reliability of the collection system on the Bayside of the City.

WSS Thumb

Westside Pump Station


Improvements and modifications are needed to ensure the facility is reliable and operationally flexible, that it contains equipment redundancy, and remains compliant with State and Federal regulations.


Embarcadero/ Drumm & Jackson


This project will rehabilitate or replace portions of the North Shore Force Main (NSFM) and the Drumm & Jackson Streets sewers that are susceptible to failure.

Workers at night repairing a large force main

Other Collection System Projects



Marin Street Sewer          Replacement

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