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SFPUC Receives San Francisco Collaborative Partnering Award for Holloway Green Street Project
Collaborative Project with San Francisco Public Works to Improve San Francisco’s Sewer System Receives Honor for Excellence
Posted Date: 9/26/2018 10:30 AM

San Francisco, CA— The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) has received a San Francisco Collaborative Partnering Gold Award for its work to install green infrastructure along Holloway Avenue in the City’s Ingleside Neighborhood.

In their inaugural year, the San Francisco Collaborative Partnering Awards will be given annually to teams who distinguish themselves by implementing best practices and fostering collaborative relationships on City building and infrastructure construction projects.

The SFPUC was recognized for its partnership with San Francisco Public Works and M Squared Construction on the Holloway Green Street Project, an undertaking that showcases the City’s first application of pervious concrete in the public right-of way. In addition, the project features rain gardens that include native plants to receive, manage and treat stormwater that would have otherwise been diverted into San Francisco’s combined sewer system.

“Improving our 100-year-old sewer network requires more than just replacing and upgrading our infrastructure—we also need to ease the burden on our system through smart drainage policies,” said SFPUC General Manager Harlan L. Kelly, Jr. “This green infrastructure project on Holloway Avenue efficiently reduces excess stormwater to our sewer system while beautifying the neighborhood and making it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists. We were proud to partner with Public Works on this important undertaking and were honored to be recognized for our collaborative and cooperative efforts.”

The Holloway Green Street project was completed last year under-budget and on-time. The green infrastructure was installed along an eight-block stretch of Holloway Avenue, from Ashton Avenue to Lee Avenue.

“Congratulations to the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission for its award-winning Holloway Green Street Stormwater Improvements project,” said Mohammed Nuru, director of San Francisco Public Works and co-chair of the San Francisco Collaborative Partnering Steering Committee. “The project highlights how City teams and our contractor partners can benefit from the collaborative partnering approach to problem-solving and goal-setting, resulting in savings to both schedule and budget and, in this case, an innovative infrastructure project that will benefit generations to come.”

The Holloway Green Street project is one of eight early implementation green infrastructure projects being built across each of San Francisco's watersheds. The SFPUC and Public Works are partnering to deliver all eight of them to San Francisco. Green infrastructure projects are an important component of the SFPUC’s long-term sustainability goal of capturing 1 billion gallons of stormwater by 2050.

Recently completed green infrastructure projects between the two agencies include Mission-Valencia Green Gateway, The Wiggle Neighborhood Green Corridor, Chinatown Spofford Living Alley Project, and Visitacion Valley Green Nodes.

The Holloway Green Street Project is part of the SFPUC’s Sewer System Improvement Program (SSIP), a multibillion project to improve, upgrade and replace the City’s 100-year-old underground sewer system.

The SFPUC and Public Works received the Collaborative Partnering Award at a ceremony on Tuesday at San Francisco’s War Memorial Veterans Building. At the event on Tuesday, SFPUC was also honored for its Hetch Hetchy Mountain Tunnel Inspection and Repairs Project and for its Cherry Dam Outlet Works and Rehabilitation Project.