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The team assembled for this research project is uniquely qualified in its experience with regulatory development, design, permitting and implementation of purified water projects.

The SFPUC is a leader in the innovative and sustainable use of water in an urban setting. With adoption of the Non-Potable Water Ordinance in September 2012, the SFPUC installed a constructed wetland treatment system called the Living Machine™ in its headquarters. The SFPUC is conducting this research project to investigate how to further purify this treated water to drinking water standards with direct reuse.
water research foundation logo The Water Research Foundation (WRF) is a leading not-for-profit cooperative advancing water science to protect public health and the environment. It is governed by utilities and delivers scientific research solutions and knowledge to stakeholders for drinking water, wastewater, stormwater, and water reuse. WRF is supporting the operation and outreach components of the PureWaterSF project.
us bureau
            reclamation logo The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) manages, develops and protects water resources for the American public in an environmentally and economically sound manner. USBR supporting the building-scale treatment for direct potable water reuse and intelligent control for real time performance monitoring under their Desalination and Water Purification Research and Development Program (DWPR).
carollo engineers logo Carollo Engineers is an environmental consulting firm specializing in planning, design, and construction of facilities for water and wastewater. Carollo has been an industry leader in researching potable reuse treatment trains and monitoring systems and provides technical expertise in the design, installation, and monitoring of the PureWaterSF system.
Wood and Curran logo Woodard & Curran is an integrated engineering, science, and operations company with services addressing infrastructure, environmental, water resources, energy, and manufacturing challenges. For the PureWaterSF project, the firm supports the SFPUC in project coordination, grant administration, and demonstration project installation as well as internal and public outreach.
Data Instincts logo Data Instincts specializes in public outreach and education for water and recycled water projects. The firm is supporting the SFPUC in the development of public outreach and educational materials for the PureWaterSF project.


Data analytics for the PureWaterSF research project is supported by:
southern nevada
            water logo Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) is a collection of seven local water and wastewater agencies formed to address water issues on a regional scale and to provide sustainable, adaptive, and responsible water service. SNWA will monitor Pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCPs), perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), NDMA, NDMA FP, THM/HAA FP, and fluorescence EEM, will on a monthly basis for this research project. This work will be done by Dr. Eric Dickenson at SNWA. 
uc davis logo The University of California, Davis (UC Davis) will provide a non-target analysis (NTAs) and bioassays (biological assessments) to test for the presence of certain chemicals in the water. These advanced analytics will be conducted monthly by Dr. Michael Denison at UC Davis, a professor with the Department of Environmental Toxicology. 
All of the above analyses follow recommendations of the State Water Resources Control Board to use NTA and bioassays to better grasp the significance of “unknown unknowns” in our water system.
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