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SFPUC Trained Green Infrastructure Contractors

SFPUC built, owned, and operated Green Infrastructure (not including SMO projects) requires that contractors, whether prime or subcontractors, attend and complete the SFPUC’s Green Infrastructure Construction Training in order to be qualified to bid or be listed to perform work in the contractor license categories directly related to the construction of green infrastructure features, specifically:
  • A – General Engineering
  • C-8 – Concrete Contractor
  • C-12 – Earthwork and Paving Contractor
  • C-27 Landscaping Contractor
  • C-34 – Pipeline Contractor

To date, the following contractors have attended and completed the existing trainings:
  • Course 1.1 Introduction to Green Infrastructure
  • Course 1.2 Green Infrastructure Site Management
  • Course 2.1 Bioretention Construction
  • Course 2.2 Permeable Pavement Construction

and are eligible to pursue the following contracts:
  • WW-691 Sunset Boulevard Greenway – Phase II, Irving Street to Ulloa Street
  • 2296J Wiggle Neighborhood Streetscape Improvements
  • WW-610R Visitation Valley Green Nodes, Rutland Street Sewer, and Sunnydale Pavement Improvements
  • WW-609R Holloway Green Street Stormwater Improvements
  • WW-605R Mission and Valencia Streets Green Gateway

AEW Engineering, Inc
AGS, Inc
Alta Engineering Group, Inc
Azul Works, Inc
Cal State Constructors, Inc
Catmex Maintenance
CMC Traffic Control Specialists
D. Lopez Jr. Concrete Construction
DeSilva Gates Construction 
Enline Engineering
Ghilotti Bros., Inc
Gordon N Ball, Inc
GW Engineering Contractors, Inc
Hernandez Engineering
J Flores Construction
Company, Inc

JMB Construction, Inc
KJ Woods Construction, Inc
Madrono Landscape Design Studio
M Squared Construction, Inc
MCK Services, Inc.
MH Construction Management
MH Engineering & Construction Group
NTK Construction, Inc
Pacific Bay Builders, Inc
Pacific Hardscapes
 Roadway Construction, Inc
Ronald R. Nelson Contractor, Inc
Ronan Construction, Inc
Shaw Systems
Shaw Pipeline, Inc
Shelterbelt Builders, Inc
Solar Holmes Construction & Concrete Services
Toure Associates
Trinet Construction, Inc
World Business Market
Yerba Buena Engineering & Construction

Additionally, WW-627 Baker Beach Green Streets requires the attendance and completion of an additional, specialized course:
  • Course 2.3 Subsurface Infiltration Systems
in order to be qualified to bid or be listed on the contract. The following contractors have attended and completed the Course 2.3 and are eligible for:
  • WW-627R Baker Beach Green Streets
Anvil Builders, Inc

Bauman Landscape and Construction, Inc

Bay Area Pervious Concrete

Capax Group, Inc

CF Contracting

CMC Traffic Control 
Empire Engineering and Construction, Inc

Fontenoy Engineering, Inc

Giron Construction, Inc

Hoseley Corporation

JDB & Sons Construction, Inc

Michael O'Shaughnessy Construction
Minerva Construction

Mitchell Engineering

OBS Engineering, Inc

Precision Engineering, Inc

Ranger Pipelines 

R & S Construction Management

If a company name is recorded in this second list as eligible for WW-627 Baker Beach Green Streets, the company is also eligible for any of the contracts above, including WW-691 Sunset Boulevard Greenway – Phase II, Irving Street to Ulloa Street.



Last updated: 8/12/2019 8:44:27 AM