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About CleanPowerSF


What Is CleanPowerSF?

» How Will it Work?
» The SFPUC and CleanPowerSF

CleanPowerSF is the City’s clean power program that will provide San Francisco with a 100%, California-certified renewable energy alternative.  CleanPowerSF will give residential electricity consumers a choice by allowing residents to choose between two energy providers (CleanPowerSF or PG&E). When residents choose CleanPowerSF, not only will they reduce their personal carbon footprint, but they'll also decrease San Francisco’s greenhouse gas emission and help combat global climate change.

Your Electricity Supply Today

Currently, all San Francisco residential electricity customers have one energy provider (PG&E) with one energy supply; consumers have no choice. CleanPowerSF will give consumers that choice. Per state law, customers will be automatically enrolled in CleanPowerSF. After enrollment, customers can opt-out anytime at no cost; the CHOICE IS YOURS. 

Building Energy Independence

CleanPowerSF will build new, renewable energy facilities and offer energy efficiency
programs for participating customers. This build-out will create green jobs to stimulate
our city’s economy and stabilize energy prices over the long term. CleanPowerSF is an
investment in the future of our community, economy and environment. CleanPowerSF is the best, most timely way to substantially reduce our City’s greenhouse gas emissions and ensure San Francisco does its part to combat global climate change.

How Will it Work

PG&E's electricity is currently only 20% California-certified renewable. It also includes carbon-emitting and nuclear sources like natural gas and nuclear energy. CleanPowerSF will generate your electricity from 100% California-certified renewable sources. CleanPowerSF’s energy mixture will utilize resources like solar, wind, small-hydro and more; effectively some of the cleanest energy available in California.

How it works

Same Service – 100% Cleaner Energy from Day One

In order to provide customers with energy that is 100% California-certified renewable, rates will increase. Aside from cleaner energy and the corresponding rates for cleaner energy, all other aspects of your electricity service remain the same. PG&E will continue to bill customers, operate the electrical grid in the City and distribute electricity to residents. 

The SFPUC and CleanPowerSF

CleanPowerSF will be administered by clean energy experts at the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), the City’s water, sewer and municipal power utility. The SFPUC already generates approximately 17% of the City’s energy needs through resources like solar power and hydropower that produce zero greenhouse gas emissions. The SFPUC also provides the pristine water delivered by gravity to your tap and award-winning sewage treatment that protects our local waterways. 


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