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About Energy Efficiency Services

As the City’s provider of clean, Hetch Hetchy power, one of our most important jobs is to help customers use their energy as efficiently as possible. The Energy Efficiency Services division plans and implements comprehensive energy retrofit projects in municipal buildings throughout San Francisco to reduce energy use, save money and improve indoor working environments.


Lightbuls changed

Beginning in 1982, the Energy Efficiency team has helped City departments enhance energy performance in San Francisco’s municipal facilities building-by-building. Energy efficiency improvements include, but are not limited to, improved lighting, updated heating and other mechanical systems (HVAC), advanced lighting controls like occupancy sensors, and modern energy management systems.

Energy and Cost Savings for the City

Since 2002, our energy efficiency programs have reduced San Francisco’s current electricity use by over 40,000 megawatt hours each year and natural gas consumption by over 800,000 therms each year. That’s enough electricity to power over 8,000 homes and enough natural gas for 1,600 homes per year. Over time, these energy efficiency investments pay for themselves through reduced energy costs, which saves the City several million dollars each year. Additionally, energy efficiency upgrades often improve comfort for building occupants with better lighting, improved ventilation and better temperature controls.

Our Services

We provide a range of services that are tailored to meet our customers’ needs which include:

  • Energy audits of existing buildings to identify savings opportunities;
  • Energy retrofits performed by specialized contractors;
  • Green Building commissioning and design assistance for construction and renovation projects and
  • Energy performance benchmarking for San Francisco’s municipal buildings.

More Information

Further details on our programs can be found in our most recent annual report to the California Energy Commission. This SFPUC report is an excerpt from the comprehensive report submitted on behalf of 40 of California’s public power utilities.

Information about energy efficiency programs for residents and businesses that are not power customers of the SFPUC can be found on the website of San Francisco’s Department of the Environment:

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