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Stakeholder Outreach Summary 2005-2008

Throughout the development of its Sustainability Plan and Program from 2005 to 2008, we solicited stakeholder engagement and feedback. A summary of those activities is listed below. We continue to work with all of our stakeholders as we implement our sustainability strategies and report on our performance moving forward.

Summary of Internal and External Stakeholder Engagement 12.05 through 12.08

  • Sustainability Strategy Group (SSG): a group of our senior managers. Members contributed to and reviewed multiple drafts of initial framework, goals, criteria and indicators, interim drafts of deliverables and all public drafts, attended eight meetings focused on the issues and decisions around deliverables, and committed to oversee implementation of the Plan and Program into the future
  • Staff: contributed to and reviewed draft deliverables, participated in interviews, surveys, two meetings and one brainstorming session
  • External Stakeholder Group (ESG): a group of approximately 23 individuals representing interest groups, agencies, and experts. Members committed to review and comment on our draft foundation deliverables during the three-year development process, generously shared their perspectives and opinions, and added to the rigor and thoughtfulness of the Plan and Program.
  • General Public: invited to review and comment on three draft deliverables posted on-line for 30 day review periods. Targeted emails alerted stakeholders of availability of drafts and invited comments; for instance, notices of availability were sent to e.g. Citizens Advisory Committee, Bay Area Water Stewards, and SF Dept. of Public Health ENCHIA.
  • Surveys distributed to solicit opinions on strategies for improving performance:
    Staff responses: over 200; ESG responses: 7
  • Brainstorming Sessions held to solicit input on strategies for improving performance:
    Staff participants: 17; ESG participants: 7
  • For the final Sustainability Pan &Program 2008, notice of its availability online and hard copies on request were emailed to ESG members. Notice of its availability online was sent to stakeholder lists, and limited hard copies were delivered to SSG and requesting staff. All four deliverables remain online along with background and helpful links.

Sample of comment/response numbers:

  1. Over 400 comments were received on the April 28, 2006 SFPUC Draft Sustainability Indicators and Best Practices: approximately 45% external (primarily from ESG); balance from SFPUC staff and SSG. Response to Comments included as Attachment in June 27, 2006 Draft. Final August 2, 2006.
  2. Over 100 comments were received on the SFPUC Draft Baseline Assessment FY 2005/06: approximately 66% external (primarily from ESG); balance from SFPUC staff and SSG. Response to Comments included as Appendix in May 16, 2007 Draft. Final June 22, 2007.
  3. Minimal comment was received on SFPUC Proposed Strategies for Improving Performance, May 16, 2008. This was expected since this draft was premised on and responded to the preceding deliverables, particularly our FY 2005/06 baseline assessment. In addition, this draft incorporated the results of the preparatory surveys and brainstorming sessions soliciting stakeholder suggestions on proposed strategies for improving our performance.
  4. Subsequently, hundreds of comments were addressed with the SSG and staff in refining the details to implement the strategies for improving performance that complete the three year effort and initiate the Sustainability Plan and Program 2008.

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