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A new civil grand jury report offers more insight into CleanPowerSF and recommends its launch to compete with PG&E in early 2016

Posted Date: 7/19/2015 10:00 PM

While that lawn sounds unappealing by any definition, the competition focused on water-wasting lots.

Posted Date: 7/17/2015 9:00 AM
Posted Date: 5/15/2015 5:00 PM

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission has the largest smart meter rollout, having deployed the technology in 180,000 homes and businesses.

Posted Date: 5/13/2015 9:00 AM

SF is planning to make a number of moves in the next week to help spur the launch of its long-anticipated energy program to compete with PG&E.

Posted Date: 5/8/2015 9:00 PM
Posted Date: 5/6/2015 9:00 AM

Agencies that have used more water in the past face steeper targets on a nine-tier scale of reductions. Each must choose how to hit its mark.

Posted Date: 5/5/2015 9:00 PM