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Bid Details
New Montgomery, Jessie, Minna, and Mission Street Brick Sewer Rehabilitation

Bid due

2:00 PM

  • Type Construction
  • Department Infrastructure
Project Description
The objective of the project is to rehabilitate brick sewers and laterals on New Montgomery, Jessie, Minna, and Mission Street.. The contract work includes: rehabilitation of approximately 3,330 LF of sewer mains along New Montgomery, Mission, Jessie and Minna Streets, using cured in-place liner (CIPL) or spray-mortar methods; rehabilitation or replacements of associated sewer infrastructure such as laterals and manholes along the sewer mains, and other associated work such as traffic control, support of MUNI overhead lines, utility sewer inspection, cleaning, and pavement restoration. The work is to be performed in San Francisco, California. The Engineer's estimate is $5,700,000.  The contract will be awarded to the responsible Bidder submitting the lowest responsive bid.

SFPUC encourages Bidders to submit a Safety Prequalification Form at least 3-weeks prior to the date of Bid opening.   Bidders are required to pass the Safety Prequalification prior to SFPUC considering their bid submission complete.  SFPUC will notify Bidders who have passed the Safety Prequalification prior to or on the date of Bid opening. Refer to Bidder Qualifications in Section 00 21 13 and Section 00 45 12 – Safety Prequalification for additional information.

A “Class A” California Contractors License is required to bid.  Furthermore, each listed subcontractor must possess appropriate active licenses for the work each subcontractor will be performing.

Bid discounts may be applied as per San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 14B.  The LBE Subcontracting Participation Requirement is 6.00% and ONLY San Francisco (Local) Small & Micro-LBEs can be utilized to meet this requirement (Firms certified by SF Contract Monitoring Division).  SFPUC-LBEs cannot be utilized to meet the 6.00% LBE Subcontracting Participation Requirement. Due to large amount of specialty work that involves cured in-place liner (CIPL) that only Contractors with specific qualifying experiences can perform. In addition, the lining of the laterals also requires a special subcontractor who can use this same technique but on a much smaller scale. The main purpose of this project is to rehabilitate 3,330 LF of sewer mains along New Montgomery, Mission, Jessie and Minna Street, using a cured in-place liner (CIPL). The existing sewer lines are constructed of 3x5’ brick sewers, with 6/8” VCP laterals. The CIPL rehabilitation method is a great option for areas where digging/trenching would be disruptive and impractical (area is a very busy traffic corridor). The liner is inserted and cured using water and forms a replacement pipe.  Please contact Jason Chow at (415) 581-2310 for further information.  Subcontracting opportunities may include, but not limited, to the following major types of work: saw-cutting, paving, excavation, traffic control, and concrete.

Interested Bidders are encouraged to attend by remote means a teleconference pre-bid and contractor networking conference to be held on February 2, 2021 at 9:00a.m.  To participate by remote means, please access the meeting at this website:  Enter meeting ID and click Join.  The meeting ID is 913 401 858. To participate by phone, dial +1. 408.915.6290 and enter the meeting ID followed by the # key.  Attendance of remote attendees will be completed at the end of the pre-bid meeting.  Prime Bidder’s attendance at this conference is worth 15 points toward Chapter 14B “Good Faith Outreach” requirements. Documented attendance in the teleconference pre-bid meeting will satisfy this requirement.  Bidders must achieve at least 80 points (out of a possible 100 points), as determined by CMD, to be deemed compliant with the “Good Faith Outreach” requirements, except those who exceed the above stated LBE subcontracting participation requirement by 35% under Section 14B.8(B) of the Administrative Code.

The contract specifications, plans, and available project information are available at   An electronic version of the bidding forms is available by request.   To request these materials, email with this Contract No. WW-712, the firm name, full address, email address, phone number, copy of contractor’s license or business card, and a copy of a government-issued identification. Visit for updates.   

Request for proposal

    2:00 PM
    ShareFile link to be provided to Plan Holders. Public Bid Opening:
    Contract Administration Bureau (415) 551-4603 or

Pre-Bid Conference

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    9:00 AM
    Not Mandatory